Interesting personal injury lawsuits and negligence

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in Lawsuits and negligence

There are a lot of things that can qualify as personal injury or negligence, and if you’re brave enough and have time to spend, you can sue for almost anything. Because of this, many people had ideas which turned out to be pretty bizarre lawsuits.

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So the first one we’ve got for you today is this hungry ambulance driver.¬†While driving a kid for a minor injury in his van, while accompanied with the kids mother as well, the driver saw a doughnut shop on the side of the road, stopped and bought dozen of doughnuts. After the whole incident was over, the mother of a child filed a complaint toward the ambulance company. When the driver realized what was happening, he took it upon himself and sued the city. The lawsuit was based on intentional infliction of emotional distress.

If you think this driver got the wrong idea, then you’ll be surprised for what this woman sued the Universal Studios in Florida. This woman went to a haunted house of horrors, got scared and tried to sue the studios for ”psychological trauma”. Needless to say that the court immediately dismissed the case since the sole purpose of the haunted house of horrors was to scare its here to be informed.

Who could have thought that even Victoria’s Secret is subjected to personal injuries.Well, the reason for this lawsuit actually had some credibility. A traffic officer went into a Victoria’s Secret to try on some new thongs. After trying to pull them on even thought they were too tight, a metal clasp flew off at high speed and hit her in the eye, doing irreversible damage.

Learn from these cases and first of all protect yourself from unwanted harm, but if something hurtful, through no fault of your own, happens to you, make sure to contact your personal injuries lawyer and get a good deal out of it.

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Personal injury – Bizarre lawsuits

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In this article we will go over a few of the most bizarre personal injury lawsuits that you might even find funny, but have in mind that personal injuries overall are no laughing matter. So with this introduction, let us review some of the cases.

There was a man from Florida, whose lifelong dream was to swim with a killer whale. So, back in the 1999. he went to a sea world, and instead of touring on a normal route, he managed to somehow go where normal visitors don’t usually go, he then hid, waited for the closing hours and once the sea world was clear, he jumped into a pool to swim with the killer whale. What happened after is that the man was found killed in the pool and his family sued the sea world for negligence.

The deceased man’s family claimed that there were actually no warning signs that killer whales are in fact dangerous to people and will kill you if you jump into a pool and also that the sea world passed them as harmless due to the fact that they sold stuffed animals who were perceived as harmless and gave false sense of security.If you want to know more use the visit site.


If a person is presented with an opportunity to win some money, there are a few things he wouldn’t do. So there was this person who went to Subway sandwich shop to buy a twelve inch sandwich. After having a few bites, he bit into something unusual, it was a plastic 7 inch long knife. The employees made an oversight and accidentally baked a knife into the sandwich. This man had no particular injuries from the knife, but he made a lawsuit anyway. If you are ready to know more navigate to this web-site. The lawsuit was for no less than a million dollars. Since the man had no physical injuries he had to claim some other type of personal injury.

So he claimed that he had gotten sick a few hours after eating the sandwich because the knife was dirty and he a had food poisoning.¬†After the lawsuit, which he probably didn’t win, he never went to subway again.

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